ART's new Avanced Call Change Scheme
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ART's new Avanced Call Change Scheme

Hot on the heels of the launch of the new Learning the Ropes Advanced Call Change Scheme, show host Cathy Booth chats with four call change aficionados.

Clare, Dee, John and Ian are all delighted to see the new scheme in place and look forward to the huge benefits it will bring. With the focus on good listening and bell control, the scheme aims to recognise the skills of call change ringers across the country and result in accurate, musical and stylish ringing.

But should you call the changes up or call them down? Possibly the most controversial question tackled by this podcast since the ‘jam or cream first’ cream tea rumpus! Thankfully Cathy’s guests handle this and other sensitive subjects knowledgeably, diplomatically and amicably. That is, until someone brings up the handstroke gap …

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Find out about the new Advanced Call Change scheme and get your ‘log book’ at the Learning the Ropes website 
  • Fancy calling some call changes but lacking on confidence – why not try calling them from outside the circle?
  • If accurate striking is your goal, try practising with a simulator – your band of ‘robot’ ringers will keep you in place
  • Want to help your band to get to grips with call changes? There are some great resources in the ART toolbox 
  • Interested in finding out more about Devon Call Change ringing? Check out Cathy’s earlier interview with Ryan Trout

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Dee cheeseman: (2022) - I found this so interesting. Dee from Gloucestershire

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