Meet the Team

Cathy Booth

Host, Producer.
Whilst I am a non-ringer, my husband and son have both been ringing since they were 10. I have a background in IT and enjoy the technical side of the podcast, as well as being able to “meet“ a whole range of interesting people in the Bell ringing world and share their fascinating stories.

Emily Roderick

Research Assistant and Graphics Design

Growing up in a ringing family, you’re rarely far away from bells! Taught to ring by my father at St Michael’s in Warwickshire, I was part of the local band until it was my turn to go to university. Here ringing took a back seat until after graduating. Now as an artist, I’ve returned to ringing through research and performance – I’ll still catch hold when I can!

Anne Tansley Thomas

Website Content Writer

I first tried to learn to ring whilst in my teens in Suffolk but my interest in bells was quickly overtaken by my interest in boys. Ringing Remembers, enthusiastic ringers and the sound of the bells at St Peter Mancroft in Norwich recently drew my back in and now I am completely obsessed. Bell ringers are the loveliest of people and I’m enjoying the fun-filled practice nights in towers across Norwich and pub practice afterwards. Lucky to have such talented and generous teachers and the new Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre close by. Great to be involved in the Fun with Bells project and am especially benefitting from the ringing tips at the end of each episode!

John Gwynne

Podcast Editorial Review

I learnt to ring in Braunston Northants at the relatively late age of 34.  I was recruited into ringing by a friend who was a lapsed ringer who returned for a while before giving up again…  I wasn’t taught to handle terribly well, hence my interest in ART which aims to correct faults before they become ingrained.  Learning in my 30s was hard and took a lot of effort, so I really envy youngsters who start in or before their teens, and really admire those who start at greater ages than me.  The one thing my early ringing experience did give me though is what I call ‘the bug’ for an amazing hobby which is all engrossing and has the power to change lives – it did mine!

Emily Watts


I discovered ringing in 2018 as part of the Ringing Remembers campaign with my Mum in our Village in Essex. As we were allowed to return to ringing throughout the Pandemic, I found myself at uni in Exeter which threw me into the depths of Devon ringing! 

Whilst at uni, I re-established the ringing society which fully instilled my love of ringing and teaching others. Having graduated, I decided to stay in Exeter (mostly because of the wonderful ringing community here) and thoroughly enjoy being able to dedicate more time to teaching students and completing transcriptions.

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