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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

We are currently looking for volunteers to support us with the following:

  • Marketing / social media - to publicise our work and engage with our audience
  • Analytics - to review the current use of our website and downloads of our podcast to inform future priorities
  • Website projects - such as the creation of an indexed map - for users to browse our content via a linked map
If you would like to volunteer or just find out what might be involved then email Cathy at


Hear from our current volunteers:

I love volunteering with the Fun with Bells podcast - as well as using my skills to give a little something back to the ringing community, I also very selfishly love getting to hear all the podcasts before everyone else does!

Anne Tansley Thomas 
Website content writer

What I love about the Fun with Bells podcast is that every episode explores a completely different avenue of the ringing world.
Being part of the podcast team deepens my knowledge and connects me to incredible ringers and bell enthusiasts!

Emily Roderick
Research Assistant.

The reason I volunteer on the FYB podcast is to give something back to ringing. I've been ringing for 30 years and in that time it's given me lots of friends, my wife, and a very busy diary!
I enjoy helping ringers to improve and think that the FYB podcast is a novel way to help anyone - ringers and non-ringers alike - get more out of our hobby.
As a reviewer I have to listen or watch carefully all the way through but as they are so well put together it is a pretty straightfoward task!

John Gwynne
Editorial Review

I volunteer as the Fun with Bells podcast is a brilliant resource for everyone in the ringing community and I love sitting down to do the transcripts knowing I'm helping to make the podcast more accessible to all that wish to engage with it

Emily Watts