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Relentlessly engaging

Inspiring content for every campanologist, but most useful to anyone interested in progressing their skills as a beginner to the chocolate, tea and beer filled hobby

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Who knew there is so much to explore!!

A joy to learn about this podcast and open my eyes to the incredible history, skill and community of bell ringing. Each episode is unique and a great listen!

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Great Podcast for both Bellringers and those with a general interest in Bellringing

This is a great podcast for both the experienced bellringer and also anybody who is just has a general interest in bellringing, maybe because they have friends or relative who ring. Cathy who produces the podcast doesn’t ring herself but is married to a bellringer, so it never get too technical and she often asks questions which fill in the gaps in knowledge that you might not know you have. The sound quality and editing is excellent which make them a very easy listen. Highly recommended.

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