ART's 10th birthday: celebrate with ART's Founder and Chair
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ART's 10th birthday: celebrate with ART's Founder and Chair

In this special Anniversary episode, podcast host Cathy Booth has two special guests discussing both the beginnings and the future of ART. No, Cathy’s not exploring painting or sculpting, but a landmark development in the teaching of bell ringing. ART stands for the Association of Ringing Teachers, currently marking it’s tenth year. Founder member Pip Penney and current Chair, Lesley Belcher, celebrate the success of the scheme and its plans for the next three years.

Pip, a physiotherapist, combined her understanding of learning a physical movement with her experience of learning to ring, to help develop an innovative approach to teaching bell ringing. Ten year’s down the line, Pip’s fundamental training approach remains the same and new ART chair, Lesley, is focused on delivering these skills in new and exciting ways.

Not deterred by the pandemic, ART’s courses are very much in demand as new generations of ringing teachers make the grade and learners pass through ART’s Learning the Ropes scheme.

Find out what’s next in the story of ART and watch out for an explosion of new teachers, new ringers and celebratory ringing festivals coming soon!

Top 5 takeaways

  • Want to learn to ring with an ART teacher? Contact Rose who will help you find a teacher near you
  • Why not share the teaching in your tower – as well as sharing the load, learners get input from different teachers
  • Interested in learning to teach ringing the ART way? Check out the courses on their website
  • Look out for the Learning the Ropes Festival in Norwich on 20 August – more information coming soon
  • There are some great resources available on YouTube – for a start, check out ART’s channel at

Comments made on our legacy website

Jill Belcher: (2022) - Three cheers for my daughter Lesley who is a dedicated and hard working member of ART. Keep up the good work.

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