Ian Avery

Ian Avery

Kingsteignton ringer

Ian started learning to ring at the age of 9 in Kingsteignton, Devon – a glorious 1929 Gillett and Johnson peal of 8 in F, with a tenor of 16-3-11.

Devon has many call-change towers and although over 100 method peals have been rung here, Kingsteignton remains a call-change tower very much.

Kingsteighton are fortunate in having a healthy number of ringers spread across an age range of about 60 years. Ian’s father was tower captain here for 60 years, a role he is honoured and privileged to be continuing. 

Ian has been so lucky in this respect as it has allowed him to win many competitions over the past 50 years and Kingsteignton are presently 8-bell Devon champions. They have also won this competition more than any other tower in the county.  

The tower band has good relationships with all 4 Kingsteignton schools and are currently in the process of a recruitment campaign and after giving presentations in the schools, inviting years 4-9 to the tower to ‘have a go’.

Ian enjoys both method and call-change ringing and regularly does both along with other like-minded colleagues.

This entry was written in May 2022.

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