President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
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President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Find out more about the CCCBR, with its long history, ambitious vision for the future and huge raft of essential services in this wide ranging interview with the CCCBR President.

Christopher O’Mahoney, President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringing, says that the good thing about ringing is that there is something for everyone. 

Find out more about the CCCBR. Now you’ll know exactly where to turn to for help when the neighbours come knocking on the tower complaining about the noise!

And you’ll definitely be making a beeline for the Council weekend in September once you hear Christopher reel off the wonderful line-up of activities that are going to be on offer.

The message from Christopher comes out clear and loud – by getting involved, striving to do our best and contributing our skills, together we can transform bell ringing. Just look what he’s already achieved by stepping forward and giving something back. Not bad for a boy from Sydney who took up ringing to supplement the income he was getting as a choir boy.


Top five takeaways

  • Don’t miss the Central Council meeting weekend, 6-8 September at Goldsmith’s College in London.
  • Need advice and guidance on insurance, risk assessment, fire risk, tower safety, safeguarding, child protection or more? Go straight to the CCBR.
  • Think about using the skills you have in your day job to support your tower and the wider ringing community.
  • The key themes for the CCBR are to recruit and develop new learners and leaders, engage more maturely with the church and stakeholders, raise positive public awareness, celebrate and promote historical legacy, promote excellence in standards and increase participation in the work of the council.
  • Ringing is a great privilege and if you want to give something back there are great opportunities for leadership, teaching and service.

Comment on this episode from the legacy website:

Ghenadie Apostol: (2023) - Great article I love Christopher he is my idol and has inspired me to pursue a career in ringing. I have a photo of him in my wallet, and serves as constant reminder of the dedication required to be come a world class ringer.

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