Chatting with the authors of 'Change ringing on handbells'
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Chatting with the authors of 'Change ringing on handbells'

Just as change ringing on handbells requires each ringer to have two bells, this perfectly formed podcast on the subject has two guests. Host Cathy Booth chats with Tina and Simon, authors of the latest must-have handbell manual.

As always, this podcast asks all the right questions. What is best, tower or hand bells? Will online ringing last post lock-down? Is bell ringing music? And should you start with hand bells and then move onto tower bells, or vice versa?

As well as addressing the big issues Cathy also finds out the fascinating process behind writing and publishing their book, discovers the joy of e-bells and gets insider information on the progress of Volume 2 and likely publication date.

Think handbells aren’t for you? Then listen to this podcast and think again.

Top 5 takeaways

  • Tina and Simon’s book ‘Change-Ringing on Handbells Volume 1:Basic Techniques’ is available from their website That’s also where you can read their blog
  • Give handbell ringing a go at Alternatively, grab yourself some e-bells at and give handbell stadium a go
  • Why not incorporate handbells into your tower bell practice night? It might keep your learners extra motivated whilst they are getting to grips with their bell handling
  • Check out the survival and recovery toolbox from the Association of Ringing Teachers for some great resources to help your ringers return post-lockdown
  • Take a leaf out of the book and consider building conducting in to standard training and development, rather than leaving until later or seeing it as a different skill

Sponsor: This podcast is sponsored by the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART).  To find out more about learning to ring, learning to teach or other resources to support your ringing go to

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