A Life Well Rung: An Interview with the Brilliant Phil Gay
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A Life Well Rung: An Interview with the Brilliant Phil Gay

Is Phil Gay a typical ringer, an atypical ringer or just total legend? Show host Cathy finds out as she delves into a ringing life very well lived.

From inventing a mobile belfry, developing the Keele Ringing Summer School, teaching his family to ring and hanging his own mini-ring in his garage to notching up 1000 peals, Phil has made a massive contribution to ringing both locally and nationally. And that’s without mentioning his years of service at the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

Yes, not every one of his innovations has been taken forward, but Phil still has plenty of ideas. In particular, we just can’t wait to see Phil’s quick erection model!

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Consider running a separate practice for learners once they start attending the tower practice night – this will help them correct any bell handing issues and give them more rope time
  • Help retain your ringers by being accepting – if someone can’t make every practice or Sunday think about the positive contribution that they can make
  • Find out more about the Keltek Trust which helps churches acquire surplus or redundant bells that can be then hung for change ringing https://www.keltektrust.org.uk
  • Equip your teenage ringers to become valuable assets at University Ringing Associations by, for example, encouraging them to conduct a quarter or arrange an outing
  • Retention is partly down to good teaching – check out the ART website to find out what’s on offer https://bellringing.org/

Sponsor: This podcast is sponsored by the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART).  To find out more about learning to ring, learning to teach or other resources to support your ringing go to bellringing.org

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