Learning to ring : Lynda Haggie and Annie Longstaff

Interviews with Lynda Haggie and Annie Longstaff

Ever wondered what it was like to learn how to ring? Or have forgotten what it was like when you first started out?

Alan teaching Annie how to ring

Discover, or rediscover, in this podcast, as host Cathy Booth talks to not one, but to two new ringers currently following the ART Learning The Ropes scheme.

Linda simply answered an advertisement in village magazine posted by a fellow dog-walker. As for Annie, well two years sailing around the world obviously wasn’t challenging enough and so has now found her land legs and a new passion for bells.

Both ringers talk enthusiastically about their newly found hobby, the patience of their teachers and the friendliness of the other ringers. Find out how ringing is good for your both your mind and your body and also what mischief you can cause

Top five takeaways

  • Want to learn to ring with an ART teacher? Go to http://ringingteachers.org and Rose can help!
  • Learning the Ropes is a progressive learning scheme for bell ringers. It uses milestones to enable ringers to progress faster and further. Find out more at http://www.learningtheropes.org
  • Ringing simulators are a great way for beginners to learn without annoying the rest of the neighbourhood
  • As well as good physical exercise, bellringing can help with mindfulness as it takes your whole concentration
  • Want to explore what bell ringing is like from the comfort of your own home? Just go into You Tube, type in ‘bell ringing’ and take your pick.

About Annie’s sailing trip

Annie at the helm

Following Annie’s circumnavigation with her husband Tom in their 45 ft sailing yacht VELA, her memorable 3 year voyage took her to far flung corners of the globe, including the remote pearl islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Returning to the U.K. keen to get back her land legs, she was looking for new challenges.

Instead of hauling the ropes found herself learning the ropes by taking up bell ringing.

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