Ringing in NZ, Oz and more...
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Ringing in NZ, Oz and more...

St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane

What’s different about ringing in Australia to ringing in the UK? How is ringing on eight similar to rowing in an eight? How does it feel to be involved in the inner workings of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers?

David Smith’s amazingly diverse and wide-ranging ringing CV means he can give fantastic answers to all of these questions, and many more, put to him by podcast host Cathy Booth.

In this thoroughly entertaining episode, David also explains the benefits of ringing simulators, the fun of photo-bombing weddings at Brisbane Cathedral and how the Association of Ringing Teachers’ courses can transform able ringers into confident teachers. It’s heartening to hear that teachers can start off just as nervous as their learners!

Bell ringing is on the increase in Australia and New Zealand, and with such enthusiastic advocates as David one can understand why, so stay tuned to the very end - especially as the interview takes a dramatic and unexpected turn ...

Ringers after a Ringing Remembers Quarter Peal at St Andrew’s Brisbane on Remembrance Day 2018


Top five takeaways

  • Although you may be an intermediate ringer at your own tower you might be more advanced than beginners at other towers. All the more reason for getting out and about.
  • Why not try ringing on a simulator – it will help with your listening skills and is also a great way to get your head around new methods.
  • Find out more about the work of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers – the representative body for all who ring bells in the English tradition with rope and wheel. Founded in 1891, it now covers all parts of the British Isles as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Italy
  • Interested in finding out more about ringing in Australia? The ANZAB website has all you need to know.
  • If you’re at a church wedding and get photobombed by the bell ringers don’t forget to compliment them on their striking!

Ask the Expert

Pip Penney answered the following question in this episode:

  • James: “Why, when I can ring plain hunt on 5, people at my tower won’t let me ring plain hunt on 6 yet. I want to know how to persuade them to let me have a go at it?”

Comment on this episode from our legacy website:

Mary Jones: (2019) - Thank you for a very interesting and informative podcast with David Smith – I found myself taking notes and immediately firing off an email to our association general. secretary., which is not what I usually do after listening to a podcast! The recommendation to display CPR posters in every tower and to encourage ringers to undertake some basic CPR taining is so sensible. I would also suggest that the location of the nearest defibrillator is displayed as well as the post code of the tower, in case the emergency services have to be called for any reason. Such simple measures could save a life.

Sponsor: This podcast is sponsored by the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART).  To find out more about learning to ring, learning to teach or other resources to support your ringing go to bellringing.org.

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