Reviving ringing on the Lizard
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Reviving ringing on the Lizard

What should you do if the number of ringers is falling, your towers are in dire straits, and you need emergency measures to give ringing any kind of future in your area? 

This was the problem faced in the Lizard in Cornwall prior to COVID lockdown, and in this episode, podcast host Cathy Booth talks to the team who, against all the odds, have turned the situation around. 

The first step, is seems, is to find a Hayley, Miranda, Andy, and someone called Bob who has lots of mojo! By coming together as a tightknit team with the right set of skills, the Lizard ringers have created a successful hub for ringing recovery, recruitment and teaching. 

Left to right: Andy Smith, Hayley Young (on video call), Robert Woods and Miranda Penhaligon.

Once you have someone to work on the spreadsheets and strategy, someone who seems to know everyone in the local community, someone who wants to teach and someone who wants to learn to teach, then everything else falls into place. 

Add Facebook, fun and cake into the mix and local ringing will not only recover but may even experience a resurgence! A very inspiring yet practical podcast for all those struggling with empty towers and cancelled practice nights. 

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Don’t forget the church organist, they’re musical after all! Lure them up the tower and they’ll get hooked. 
  • If you’ve a group of learners, why not set up a Facebook group where you can update them weekly, and share news, learning tips and celebrate their successes. 
  • What are the success factors of a teaching hub? Find a church that’s central to where your learners are, remote enough not to bother the neighbours, with easy bells, a ground floor ring, plenty of parking and electricity for refreshments. Oh, and add cake! 
  • If you have ringers who would make good teachers, then get them signed up to an Association of Ringing Teachers course. 
  • Think strategically – work with your deanery to focus your recruitment efforts on churches with healthy congregations to protect against church closures.

Sponsor: This podcast is sponsored by the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART).  To find out more about learning to ring, learning to teach or other resources to support your ringing go to

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