Miranda Penhaligon

Miranda Penhaligon

iranda is a St Buryan ringer and Secretary of the Western District, TDGR

Miranda is a St Buryan ringer and Secretary of the Western District, TDGR. She learned to ring as a teenager, but on starting uni, the ringers there didn’t engage her, other things did and so she gave up. Instead, for millions of years, she was essentially a researcher and project manager, organising GPs, consultants and anyone she needed, to run drug trails fast (but safe). Miranda has turned out methodical, bossy and pretty well organised.

At 60, Miranda re-started ringing, desperate to make up for lost time.  Frustration! There didn’t seem to be any teaching programme available – just the age-old tower tradition ‘you’ll get it in time, it will come, be patient’.  Well, she didn’t have time, but luckily after several years in the wilderness Miranda discovered ART. She wanted some of that!

Miranda is passionate that others aren’t lost in the wilderness for as long as her. She’s found that she loves training. But after covid, she want to help her lovely Cornish towers get ringing again. Train, train and train!

This entry was written in April 2022.

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