Cornish call change compositions
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Cornish call change compositions

The Fun with Bells cream tea debate rages on in this episode as host Cathy Booth’s quizzes Cornish ringer Owen Borlase - but there’s much more to this interview than cream and jam.

Call change ringing in Cornwall is seen as an art in its own right and Owen is clearly championing the cause through his promotion of call change peals, the book he co-wrote and his success in getting this unique style of ringing recorded.

How does a call change peal work? Helpfully Owen describes the maths involved in very simple terms and explains to Cathy how he goes about composing some of the call change peals that feature in the book.

And if you’re the competitive kind they have it all in Cornwall – rounds competitions, call change competitions and method ringing competitions. So if you’re an up-country ringer why not travel south to find out more!


Top five takeaways

  • There’s room in bell ringing for all sorts of skills – if maths is your thing have you thought about having a go at composing?
  • Touches, quarter peals and peals can be proved to be true using ringing software
  • You can find all the information you need about ringing in Cornwall at the Truro Diocesan Guild of Ringers website
  • Fancy a copy of the book – it’s called ‘Ringing Down ‘Ere’ by John A Purdey and Owen J Borlase
  • Walking, canal boats and helicopters – there are lots of ways to get out and about to explore those remote towers

Ask the expert

Pip Penney answered the following questions in this episode:

  • Anne: “When you’re faced with the uncertainty of ringing a bell you’ve never rung before and when you take hold, are there any tips for working out where your hands need to be on the tail end and how firm your initial pull off should be?”
  • Mike: “I have seen some experienced ringers use white powder on their hands to help their grip. What is the white powder? Does it actually help? Doesn’t it make the sallies sticky?”

Comment on this episode from the legacy website

Steve Lee: (2019) - This is a great podcast, thank you. My son Oliver has just rung in the south east England youth striking competition ( for Essex). He is struggling a bit with methods, any tips to help him learn. He is ringing three times a week. Thanks for your hard work and please keep the episodes coming.

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