Calling all young ringers

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About the conversation with the YCRA founders

Show host, and adulty adult, Cathy Booth meets three more young ringers in this month’s episode, this time all founder members of the Young Change Ringers Association.

Josephine, Emily and Matt share the aims behind the new association, discuss the support that enables young ringers to become tower captains of the future and reveal the power of pizza.

There can be no better advert for YCRA membership than listening to these engaging, enthusiastic, and insightful leaders talk about how the association is meeting the needs of young ringers. And yes, as well as inspiring, it’s fun!

What more could you possibly want from a podcast? Well, a Fun with Bells pin-badge, for a start …

About Emily Hall

Emily Hall, photo credit to Roger Lawson

Emily learnt to ring in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She moved to Nottingham for uni and has stayed.

Fun fact: Emily only rings handbells if there’s wine and cheese involved.

About Matthew Jerome

Matt with his YCRA membership certificate

Matt learnt to ring in Cuxton, in Kent about aged 10 or 11. He moved to Bristol and loved it so much he is now slowly turning into an adulty adult there.

Fun fact: Matt enjoys ringing strange touches on things that aren’t bells with the UBSCR. Past ‘performances’ include plain bob minimus on cider and wine bottles and plain bob doubles on saucepans!

About Josephine Leggett

Josephine with the family dog, Charlie

Jo learnt to ring around five years ago in Ditchling in Sussex. She has just started at the University of Bristol and is having great fun ringing with the UBSCR.

Fun fact: when Jo went back to ringing after lockdown she realised she had replaced all her knowledge of bellringing with knitting and called purl instead of bob! 

Top 5 takeaways

  • If you’re an adult in a local ringing association, why not sign up all your young ringers in one go at 
  • Looking for a new role that will look great on your CV? The YCRA are looking for a membership secretary, get in touch 
  • Ask your young ringers what they would like to do and listen – encourage them to conduct, or to lead a practice night and help them to become the tower captains of the future
  • If someone is new to ringing don’t forget to explain tower etiquette to them, it can all be a bit baffling to a newcomer
  • Forget about a quiz, if you need more fun at your next association meeting just wrap up your best ringers in toilet roll!


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