Hear from those who write, blog and vlog about bells

Inteviews with 2 editors, a blogger, 2 YouTubers and a podcast host

What do ringers do when they are not ringing? Well, judging by this latest episode they write, film, podcast and blog about it!

Podcast host Cathy Booth chats to no fewer than six leading lights in the ringing community who are all doing their bit to share and support the hobby they are all so passionate about.

From Mancroft to Minecraft and from the Ringing World to the virtual world, this bumper podcast can’t fail to inspire. Ringers are a resilient bunch and many have taken the challenge of Covid-19 to learn something new or put their long dreamt-about projects into action. There’s now more need to communicate than ever before.

As 2020 is obviously the year to try something new, why not check out some of these fascinating blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts and publications. Or better still, create one of your own! Think big and aim high – I bet Cathy can’t wait to interview the worlds first bell ringing Tik Tok influencer …


Will Bosworth, edits the Ringing World


Ringing World
Will Bosworth has been ringing for nearly 25 years

Mary Jones blogs as The Accidental Ringer

Blog banner for ‘The Accidental Ringer’

The Accidental Ringer blog
Mary Jones receives a bell handling lesson at MRDC; she has been ringing since Spring 2018

Simon Edwards with the YouTube channel – Simonbellringer

Simon Edwards, has been ringing since 2004. His YouTube channel is SimonBellRinger

Jake Reid with the YouTube channel – RingerJake

Jake Reid, has been ringing since 2012. His YouTube channel is RingerJake

Ruth Suggett edits the Tower Talk newsletter


Tower Talk
Ruth Suggett has been ringing since she was 12, took a break for university but came back to ringing 20 years ago

Matthew C Austin hosts the Treble’s Going podcast


Treble’s Going podcast
Matt Austin has been ringing since 2009

Top 5 Takeaways

  • If there’s not a video of your tower up on YouTube pop one up as soon as you can.
  • You may already have had a go at Ringing Room and Zoom, but why not explore other virtual tools like Virtual Belfry, Handbell Stadium, Minecraft and Discord.
  • If you’re not already a subscriber, check out the Ringing World. You can just buy a single issue just to see what it’s like.
  • Why not make a recording of all the towers that you ring at and create your own audio diary of your outings.
  • Ringing is a social activity – use all the channels available to keep in touch with your band during the pandemic, and to attract new recruits when it’s safe to get back in the tower.

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