Young autistic bell ringer and historian
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Young autistic bell ringer and historian

In this fast-paced episode, podcast host Cathy Booth meets 20-year-old ringer, Oliver Lee, and discovers his passion for ringing and ringing history.

Oliver is clearly fascinated by all aspects of ringing and takes Cathy on whistle-stop tour of a huge range of ringing-related subjects, ranging from Ellacombe chimes, through belfry reform and on to John Warner and Sons bell founders.

Oliver also talks about his autism and the support he has had from the ringing community, reliving his positive experiences of the striking competitions he’s taken part in. Good times make great memories.

And just like any other ringer, he vents at the inaccurate depictions of bell ringing in the mainstream media. Did somebody mention Midsomer Murders?

Finally, on the question of Cumberland or College Youths? Looks like the verdict is still out ...

Top 5 takeaways

  • If you had an extra million pounds to spend on ringing, how would you spend it and why? Just asking in case you win the lottery …
  • Want a new challenge after lockdown? Why not check out the anti-clockwise towers in your area for something different.
  • If you’ve not already dusted down your Ellacombe chimes because of Covid-19 now might be a good time to give them a go.
  • Fancy a little history project? Why not use family history site Ancestry to look up the history of the ringers on the peal boards in your tower.
  • Why not take a look at the books of Ernest Morris at

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