The Loughborough Bell Foundry
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The Loughborough Bell Foundry

This episode sees host Cathy Booth in conversation with Andrew Wilby for a fascinating insight into the Taylor Bell Foundry's past, present and future.

Based in Loughborough, we hear all about the history behind the foundry and some of the exciting attractions on site. The foundry has its own museum, 12 bell tower renowned for being the site of the world's longest peal and even a carillon. Plan your visit now for when lockdown is over!

You'll also discover what JS Bach has got to do with bell ringing, the ins and outs of harmonics and what equal temperament is - and no it's not an easy-going tower captain!

Andrew then gets into some heavy stuff, bells that is, before regaling Cathy with some hair-raising stories of his bell ringing travels abroad. Brilliant stuff!

Top 5 takeaways

  • Find out more about the Taylor bell foundry on its website
  • A carillon is a musical instrument. where a set of bells is played by a keyboard and pedals. The keys mechanically activate levers and wires connected to metal clappers which strike the bells. You can find out more about the Loughborough Carillon on its website
  • Try listening to some bells cast by different methods and see which you think sounds best!
  • Why not watch the bells of St Pauls in action on this YouTube clip Bells of St Pauls Cathedral, London 2
  • And if you want to do your bit to ensure that the last remaining major bell foundry in Britain isn’t lost, visit

Craftsmen recasting the bells of Moresby Church(credit: Tommy Pengilley)

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