March 2024_Workshop_Output

Raising General Awareness

Session 1

  • Having a compelling story

  • Engaging with local community

  • Multi-media

Session 2 

  • a multi-pronged media approach

  • spectacle Event (ringing during village fair, etc)

  • visibility (mini-ring, handbells, video links, etc)


Session 1

  • Empathy (understand motivation and learning styles of new ringers) 

  • Infectious Enthusiasm 

  • Asking for help from the ringing community as well as the wider community

Session 2 

  • open days, flower festivals, etc.  attracting people to come in, look at the tower and talk to the ringers about ringing.

  • advertising in terms of a banner outside the church

  • word of mouth (letting people know in your networks)

Recruitment of young ringers

Session 1

(this was not a group discussion but successful ideas were listed (see photo)

Session 2 

  • Getting to know their parents

  • encouraging their friends to come along to get a critical mass of youngsters

  • making it fun


Session 1

  • Wider community involvement (example was given where it was assumed it would take several months to raise 100k.  By involving the whole village (scouts, WI, school, etc) they raised it in 6 weeks

  • Informing and involving the PCC

  • Fund-raising among neighbours

Session 2 

  • One was having unique ideas (think out of the box)

  • Focusing on non ringers as well as ringers

  • encouraging local community involvement (hitting as many pockets as possible)

Countering Complaints

Session 1

  • Pre-emptive strike by letting people know in advance about what is happening (especially new neighbours).  By also generating lots of likes on Facebook is shows that it is valued by the community and it is harder for someone to complain

  • Invite person to view the bells and meet the ringers 

  • Be aware of how much ringing is taking place (i.e. don’t ring on too many consecutive days)

Session 2 

  • keeping in with the clergy

  • be public - The more people are aware of what you're doing, when you're doing it, how long it's going to go on for, the less likely there are to be complaints in the first place

  • Don’t be unsociable – noise control, use simulator, not too much ringing close together, avoid ringing late in the evening


Session 1

  • Keep plugging away BUT

  • Not a hard sell

  • Ensure participation

Session 2 

No group discussion around this topic