Bell ringing on your CV: Emily Hall

An interview with Emily Hall

Portrait of Emily Hall by Roger Lawson
Emily Hall by Roger Lawson

This episode smashes any pre-conceptions that bell ringing is something that only older people do, with an inspirational interview with a ringer in her twenties, Emily Hall. Emily started learning to ring at the age of seven and then, when aged just nine, set up the Derbyshire Young Ringers so that she could spend time in the tower with people of her own age.

In conversation with Cathy Booth, Emily reveals what it’s like to be a young ringer and the huge benefits ringing can give to young people growing up, going to university and beginning their adult lives.

As well as having fun with her family, making friends for life and the fantastic social life, Emily explains that there’s a competitive side to ringing too and describes what happens at a striking competition when bands of ringers compete to be the best.

Old Brampton Young Ringers sharing a joke in the ringing chamber

And if you’re one of the people Emily has come across that thinks the University Bell ringing Society is full of weirdos, Emily’s heartwarming tales of travelling across the country, making new friends, drinking, dancing and discovering love will definitely make you think again – and also make you want to sign your children up for bell ringing lessons straight away!

About Emily

Emily learnt to ring age 7. She began Derbyshire Young Ringers Group and was previously Master of Nottingham University Society of Change Ringers. Currently PRO of Southwell and Nottingham Guild of Change Ringers, Emily also judged RWNYC Summer 2018.


Top five takeaways

  • All the maths you need in order to ring at most of the towers in the country is to be able to count up to 8 and back down again!
  • When you start out, try visiting as many towers as possible so you get to experience different bells – this will improve your bell handling no end.
  • Ringing can help with your concentration, confidence and looks great on your CV.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect family activity, then ringing could be it! Spend quality time with your loved ones (without necessarily having to speak to them!).
  • There are lots of great websites to find out more – see the links.

Ask the Expert

In this episode, Pip Penney answered the following question:

  • Charlie: “There are often a lot of people at my practice night, is there anything I can do to improve my ringing whilst I’m sitting out?”

2 thoughts on “Bell ringing on your CV: Emily Hall

  1. Susan Hall says:

    Really positive points on why ringing is a fantastic activity to take up, plus lots of useful tips for existing ringers.
    Love that you can spend quality time with your family without having to talk to them!
    Well done Emily!

  2. Nic Boyd says:

    Such a lovely interview and amazing enthusiasm for bellringing! Well done Emily!

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