Ringing differently in Devon
Fun With BellsOctober 17, 202300:35:21

Ringing differently in Devon

They do things differently in Devon, so Cathy Booth discovers in this interview with Devon call change ringer Ryan Trout. Not only do they have a distinctive cream tea, Devon also has its very own unique style of bell ringing.
With a great sense of regional pride, Ryan fills Cathy in about this fast and furious ringing style which has it’s own terms and traditions. Listen in to discover more about cartwheeling, Sixties on Thirds, which is also known as the Queen’s Peal, and when to employ a strapper.
Although Ryan’s been ringing since about the age of nine this podcast is evidence that he still gets a huge buzz from ringing, visiting other towers, going up into the bell chamber and, of course, visiting the pub afterwards. And keen to encourage others, he generously shares some great tips on places to ring both in Devon and further afield.
Ryan is passionate about ringing and spreading the word about Devon call changing, and although you can hear it second hand on You Tube, he urges people to come to Devon and experience if for themselves. Sounds like you’ll get an extremely warm welcome and so, with excellent bell striking, delicious cream teas and some wonderful pubs, what’s stopping you?

At the end there is a Q &A session with Pip Penney.

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This podcast episode was first aired in February 2019.