Our Podcast’s Fifth Year Anniversary
Fun With BellsFebruary 08, 202400:35:57

Our Podcast’s Fifth Year Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of 'Fun With Bells', a podcast dedicated to the world of bell ringing. This special episode features a compilation of memorable interview clips from previous episodes and discussions about the history and community of bell ringing. Cathy Booth and Emily Roderick share behind-the-scenes insights into the process of creating an episode and discuss their goals for the podcast's future. Included in this podcast is a mixture of historical facts, modern practices, humorous anecdotes, in-depth information about bell ringing, and interviews with artists, musicians, and bell-ringing enthusiasts.

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00:00 Poem about 5 years of podcast content
00:47 Ringing by the Society of Cambridge Youths
00:54 Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of Fun With Bells Podcast
01:08 Understanding the Fun With Bells Podcast
01:24 The Audience of the Podcast
02:32 Excerpt: The Joy of Bells: New Ringers Reflect on Their New Obsession
03:11 The Joy of Learning Bell Ringing
04:19 The Inspiration Behind the Podcast
05:12 The Origin of the Podcast's Name
06:05 Excerpt: Remarkable PhD study of Cambridge bellringers' pay and habits
08:02 How Cathy Started in Podcasting
08:29 Cathy's background
09:08 Excerpt: Recording your bells
11:41 The Process of Creating Each Episode
14:14 Choosing Topics and Guests for the Episodes
15:41 Excerpt: What ringers wear
17:21 Memorable Moments in Podcasting
19:16 The History of Bell Ringing During War
20:07 The Process of Creating the Episode
20:24 The Involvement of Different Bell Ringers
20:39 Excerpt: Thirty voices, seventy-five years, one story
22:42 The Experience of Bell Ringers During War
23:05 The Story of a 101-Year-Old Bell Ringer
23:36 The Parallels Between War and COVID
23:49 The Decision to Start a Podcast
25:01 The Importance of Accessibility
25:34 Excerpt: Young autistic bell ringer and historian
29:45 Excerpt: 15 tips to improve your striking
31:44 The Future of Fun With Bells
32:47 The Need for Volunteers
34:27 The Future Podcast Episodes
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