Fixing Ringing's 'leaking pipeline' | A bell ringing conversation with unconscious bias examples
Fun With BellsFebruary 12, 202200:15:16

Fixing Ringing's 'leaking pipeline' | A bell ringing conversation with unconscious bias examples

Podcasat host, Cathy Booth meets with three frank and formidable female bell ringers who provide unconscious bias examples that help to explain that although women make up about half of all bell ringers, they are greatly underrepresented in positions of responsibility and peal ringing, and conducting.

Elva Ainsworth, Julia Cater and Tessa Simpson – who have all participated in ‘groundbreaking, record breaking and point breaking’ ringing – talk freely about their own experiences of unconscious bias and the self-fulfilling prophecy where lack of opportunity leads to a lack of confidence.

Yes, women can ring heavier bells. Yes, women can conduct. And yes, some small girls are just itching to have a go on the tenor, but the boys always seem to get first dibs.

Rather than focusing on the negatives, though, this inspiring conversation offers some thoughtful suggestions about how to encourage greater equality of opportunity and how all bands can flourish with the greater participation of their women bell ringers.

This is an abridged version of the 40 minute audio version which can be found at, which features linked resources and photos.
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