Discover Your Bell Ringing History!
Fun With BellsMarch 14, 202400:40:02

Discover Your Bell Ringing History!

Do you….
* have an interest in the history of bell-ringing in your tower
* want to discover the details of a bell-ringing hero or family member
* need to research your tower’s history to support a fundraising grant application
* want to volunteer to help preserve an aspect of bell-ringing history or
* need design ideas for a new logo or a display for an open day

Then look no further….

In this episode of the Fun With Bells podcast, host Cathy Booth interviews Chris Ridley and Gareth Davis from the Central Council's Historical and Archive Work Group. They find and keep bell-ringing records, images and artefacts and make them accessible on a central website.

Chris and David encourage listeners to explore and contribute to this historical knowledge. They also want young people to ask questions about what they see in the bell towers where they ring.

Gareth and Chris end by telling us about the time in history that they would most like to visit

0:00 Discover your bell ringing history EPISODE
00:12 [ Ringing by the Society of Cambridge Youths ]
00:19 Introducing the podcast
00:25 Introductions
00:49 Introduction to the CCCBR Work Group
01:24 The Sub Work Groups
01:45 The Work Group's Website
02:38 Further Sub Work Groups
03:56 Reliance on volunteers
04:44 Chris' Personal Interest in the Work
06:10 The Biographies Project
08:21 The Roles of Honour Project
09:44 The Certificates and Badges Project
13:53 The Newspaper Extracts Project
16:48 The Peal Board Recording Project
19:02 The Illuminated Peal Books Project
19:44 The Work Group's Need for Volunteers
20:58 The Move of the Library to Loughborough
22:00 The Library Steward
22:35 The Future of the Central Council Library
23:06 Access to Badges and Certificates
23:43 Chris' Choice of When to Visit History
24:55 The CCCBR Workgroups's Website
25:27 Interview with Gareth Davies
25:53 The Importance of Preserving Information
26:08 The Use of the Work Group's Collections
26:31 Encouraging Young Historians
27:00 The Importance of Making Connections
28:29 How the Workgroup's collections might be used
31:34 Use by Academic Historians
34:54 Encouraging Young People to Take an Interest in History
37:03 Gareth's Choice of When to Visit History
38:48 Thank you to Chris Ridley and Gareth Davies
39:02 Credits