David Smith: A Bell Ringing Tutor’s Uplifting Global Perspective
Fun With BellsJanuary 11, 202400:35:20

David Smith: A Bell Ringing Tutor’s Uplifting Global Perspective

In this video, Cathy Booth interviews David Smith, an experienced bell-ringing ART (Association of Ringing Teachers) tutor who instructs courses in Australia, North America, Canada, and the UK. David discusses the structure and content of the ART's module courses, their benefits, and areas for improvement. He shares anecdotes from running these ring learning courses, highlighting the need for improved interaction and cooperation among ringers. The conversation also revolves around differences in bell-ringing communities across continents and the future of ringing, hinting at the 2030 initiative set to explore the way forward for this traditional practice.

0:00 Excerpt
00:21 Ringing by the Society of Cambridge Youths
00:28 Introducing the podcast
00:33 Introducing David Smith
00:46 David's Previous Interview on the Podcast
01:11 David's Roles in the Central Council
01:24 Impact of the Central Council's Changes
01:37 Other CCCBR changes
01:44 The Future of Ringing
02:03 Isolated Towers
02:59 Optimism
03:08 David's Involvement with the Volunteering Work Grou
03:22 The Northwest Residential Course
03:57 The Northwest Residential Course Details
05:40 Handling improvements at the Northwest Residential Course
06:16 A range of topics
06:50 Composition of the course
07:34 Number of people / need for helpers
08:21 The Evolution of the Northwest Residential Course
09:18 ART - The Association of Ringing Teachers
10:40 The ART modules
10:52 ART Module 1
11:19 David's experiences as a teacher
12:36 The next ART Modules
14:34 David's Experience in North America and Canada
14:55 Course participants at Marietta
15:09 David's trip itinerary
15:20 American Hospitality
15:25 Quebec
16:24 Australian-based tutors
17:51 ART Mentors
18:15 ART Assessors
20:39 David tutoring NAG because similar to ANZAB
22:14 ART modules follow up
23:34 Bell Ringers Associations
24:16 Direct Membership of a National or International Body
28:09 Anecdotes
28:58 The Benefits of Being Assessed
29:29 David being assessed by Quilla
29:45 The Benefits of Being Assessed
31:03 Comparing Ringing in Different Countries
33:15 Looking to the future
33:52 Thank you, David Smith
34:14 Credits and Ringing by the Liliputters Guild, from Simon Edwards YouTube channel