Cool Kenyans from Kilifi bring bellringing back home
Fun With BellsApril 11, 202400:35:22

Cool Kenyans from Kilifi bring bellringing back home

In this episode of 'Fun with Bells', host Cathy Booth interviews John Malala and Deborah Mulobi, bell ringers from the ACK St. Thomas Church in Kilifi, Kenya - the only church with bells for change ringing in East Africa. They share the history of their church's bells, brought to Kenya by the last British district commissioner, Paul Kelly, and how the local community became involved in bell ringing. The episode covers their personal journeys in bell ringing, and their training trips to the UK, which included memorable experiences and personal milestones like their engagement. Additionally, they discuss their involvement in community support programs outside of bell ringing, offering insights into their work with vulnerable families and children in Kilifi. The podcast closes with their reflections on how bell ringing has uniquely impacted their lives.

00:00 Opening Clip
00:22 Ringing by the Society of Cambridge Youths
00:29 Welcome to Fun with Bells: Meet Our Guests
00:44 John's Introduction: The Unique Bells of Kilifi
01:22 Deborah's Introduction
01:35 The Fascinating History of Kilifi's Church Bells
02:39 The Transformation of Kilifi's Bell Ringing Community
04:24 A Glimpse into the Ringing Room at Kilifi
05:28 Encouraging the Next Generation with Sweets
06:13 The Significance of Silence and Discipline in Ringing
06:41 Improvements and Innovations in Kilifi's Bell Tower
07:24 John's Personal Bell Ringing Journey
08:45 Debbie's Path to Becoming a Bell Ringer
10:24 Teaching and Sharing the Art of Bell Ringing
12:03 Memorable Achievements in Bell Ringing
14:24 Overcoming Challenges in Learning to Ring
19:05 Technical hitch.
19:52 The Impact of UK Training Trips on Kilifi Ringers
20:57 A Life-Changing Proposal in the UK
23:55 Community Impact Through Bell Ringers' Fundraising
27:00 The Charitable Work of John and Debbie
32:10 The Unforgettable Impact of Bell Ringing
34:05 Gratitude and Reflections on the Journey
34:21 Credits