ART Conference 2024: Bridging Generations
Fun With BellsMay 09, 202400:27:16

ART Conference 2024: Bridging Generations

In this episode of the 'Fun With Bells' podcast, host Cathy Booth discusses the future of change ringing and strategies to attract a younger and more diverse group of bell ringers. With prominent figures in the bell-ringing community - Tina Stoecklin, Andrew Slade, and the Reverend Max Drinkwater, - the discussion covers the ageing demographic of bell-ringers and the need for innovative recruitment and teaching methods. Initiatives like outreach to schools, leveraging technology, and addressing community engagement are explored as ways to enrich and sustain the tradition of bell ringing for future generations.

00:00 Introduction to Bell Ringing and Citizenship Activities
00:41 Welcome to Fun with Bells Podcast
01:05 Outlining the Ageing Demographic of Bell Ringers
01:51 Future Initiatives for Bell Ringing: A Panel Discussion
02:08 Central Council's Efforts to Revitalise Bell Ringing
02:37 Training the Next Generation of Bell Ringers
03:28 Learning from the Church's Approach to Demographic Challenges
04:16 Engaging Young People in Bell Ringing
07:22 The Role of Schools in Bell Ringing Recruitment
11:38 Maintaining Interest Among Young Bell Ringers
15:55 Leveraging Technology in Bell Ringing
21:25 Collaboration for a Diverse Bell Ringing Community
24:14 Rethinking Social Activities in Bell Ringing
25:41 Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead
26:16 Acknowledgements and Credits