Ringing Remembers project co-ordinator : Vicki Chapman

An interview with Vicki Chapman

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‘Recruit 1400 new ringers to remember those who lost their lives in the first World War’ – this was the mission that Vicki Chapman chose to accept and the rest, as they say, is history.

Vicki talks podcast host Cathy Booth through her involvement in the overwhelmingly successful Ringing Remembers campaign –  from that fateful telephone call one evening to the bells ringing out across the world on 11 November 2018 with the help of over 2800 new ringers. Stirring stuff!

And if you’re wondering what’s next, Vicki reveals some of the exciting plans ahead, so listen in for news of ringing for Versailles, the 75th anniversary of the D Day Landings and a mini bellringing roadshow.

Of course, there’s so much more to Vicki’s ringing story than Ringing Remembers so tune in for a podcast packed with activity – just like Vicki’s life.

About Vicki Chapman

Over the years Vicki has held a number of posts within her local tower, district, Association and wider, which is probably why she was asked to co-ordinate Ringing Remembers.  She has been Tower Secretary at all of her “home” towers, District Secretary/Treasurer (4 years), Association Newsletter Editor (8 years), The Essex Ringing Course Convenor (8 years), EACR 125th Anniversary sub-committee convenor (4 years), Ringing Around the Olympics inter-County project co-ordinator (2 years), Association Education Officer (1 year fill in), District Deputy Master (1 year fill in), Association General Secretary (8 years), currently a Central Council Rep (4 years so far) and Central Council Ringing Remembers Project Co-ordinator. A number of these posts were held at the same time.


Top five takeaways

  • Fancy some intensive bell ringing training? Check out the Essex Ringing Course and other ringing courses at Hereford and Bradfield.
  • You don’t have to be a brilliant ringer to get involved, just volunteer your time and particular gifts and skills to your local tower, district association or guild.
  • If you’re a Ringing Remembers recruit why not look out for other notable occasions to ring for?
  • If you’ve lots of learners in your tower and want to practice without upsetting the neighbours, then think about investing in a ringing simulator.
  • The Ringing Remembers campaign could not have been a success without the support of local ringers recruiting, training and continuing to teach all the new recruits. Great work everyone!

Ask the Expert

Pip Penney answered the following question in this episode:

  • Steve: “My son Oliver has just rung in the south east England youth striking competition (for Essex).  He is struggling a bit with methods, any tips to help him learn. He is ringing three times a week and has been on the excellent Essex ringing course.”

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