Tessa Simpson

Tessa Simpson

London ringer - member of the St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey bands

Tessa learnt to ring at Guildford Cathedral when she was 10, and has been an active ringer ever since. In 2005 she moved to Cambridge for university, becoming secretary of the university ringing society and a member of the Cambridge Youths (the local 12 band). Whilst in Cambridge she learnt to ring handbells and also met her future husband through ringing. After university she moved to London where she began ringing regularly with the College Youths, and in 2015 became Master of the society.

Over the years she’s competed regularly in the National 12 Bell contest, ringing for Guildford, Cambridge and the College Youths, and winning the contest in 2015. She was also a judge for the first Ringing World National Youth Contest held in 2011.

As well as ringing regularly with the College Youths, Tessa is also a member of the St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey bands. She lives just outside London with her husband and 10 month old baby.

This entry was written in January 2022.

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