Simon Rudd

Simon Rudd

Rings at Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre - and is chair of the management committee

Simon Rudd has been an East Anglian ringer for 50 years. He learned to ring in the village where he was born, Great Bromley, near Colchester. In the intervening years, he has slowly migrated back towards Norfolk from where his family moved in the late 19th century.

At the age of sixteen Simon became the tower captain at Great Bromley and will therefore have his hat hung in the tower when he dies; an unusual tradition peculiar to Great Bromley which has a series of seven or so hats hung high up on the wall of the tower.

Simon rung his first peal in 1972 at Ardleigh in Essex and in his early ringing career was inspired and encouraged by the great gentleman of Essex ringing, Frank Lufkin. He has now rung approximately 1,700 peals, over 100 of them at St Mary-le-Tower in Ipswich where he rang before moving to Norfolk.

Simon is a member of St Peter Mancroft Guild of Ringers and currently chairs the committee which manages the Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre (

Simon says that like so many others, ringing has been a lifelong passion and the team-work aspect of the hobby is a source of great satisfaction.

This entry was written in October 2020.

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