Peter Heard

Peter Heard


 Peter Heard, FCMI, LRPS

It was not until the ripe old age of 75 that Peter Heard was first introduced to a Dumbell with a view to learning to ring.  This was in 2019 when plans were developing to restore the bells and tower in his local church at Nevern.  Then came along Covid when everything came to a halt. 

As a further consequence of Covid and family bereavements, ringing training for Peter did not resume in earnest until June 2022.  He was, however, fortunate enough to be accepted for a course at Bradfield later in 2022 and now feels competent enough to handle most bells safely.

He has to admit that it has taken him considerably longer to get his brain functioning properly and at the age of 79 is only just beginning to learn how to cope with Plain Hunt.   Nonetheless, he is totally smitten with bell ringing, wishing he had discovered this art many decades ago.  He now rings at various towers up to 4 times a week whenever he can. 

He maintains there is absolutely no doubt that bell ringing has not only helped him revive some of his failing muscles but totally rejuvenated him mentally by meeting so many other like-minded, fun-loving ringers.

This entry was written in August 2023.

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