Nicky Carling

Nicky Carling

Leicester Cathedral Ringer - Has held many positions at tower, district and guild level

Nicky began ringing at the age of ten, along with her mum and sister: both learners, and her dad, Garry Mason, who was returning to ringing after a break. She learnt at Leicester Cathedral and is still a member of the band there.

Nicky has held various positions at tower, district and Guild level over the years. She has been Deputy Tower Captain and is now ‘Social Secretary’ at the Cathedral. She has been Leicester District Secretary and Chairman and for the Guild she has been Librarian and Ringing Master.

She has rung about eighty peals, give or take, but is not a big fan, and has taken part in local and national ringing competitions, although her focus at ringing has always been about having fun rather than being super serious.

Her daughter, Jenny Ace, is now also a ringer and is doing really well, so the baton has been passed on to the next generation.

This entry was written in May 2021.

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