Mark Regan

Mark Regan

Worcester Cathedral Ringer

Mark Regan is the Ringing Master at Worcester Cathedral and a member of the Worcester DAC. He has rung 2400-(ish) peals, over 200 peals on bells over 40cwt and over 1000 peals on 12 bells.

Since living in Worcester he has installed two new rings of bells in the city; and has opened up several ‘unringables’ in the Diocese, the most noteworthy being Bredon, Bengeworth and Severn Stoke. For many years he was the Steeplekeeper and Churchwarden at St Mary le Bow in Cheapside. When living in Leighton Buzzard he restored the bells twice, the second time was after a fire severely damaged the church in 1985. Mark’s latest project is to install a ring of bells in a new arts building at Christopher Whitehead Language College in Worcester.

He passionately believes that the future of bell ringing has as much to do with establishing better relationships with the Church of England and the community, as it has to do with teaching new bell ringers.

This entry was written in August 2019.

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