Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Winchester district ringer

Elizabeth Johnson started ringing in 1956 as part of a recruitment drive to teach ringers to form a band for the new church being built in the tiny village of Little Chart in Kent. The medieval church had been totally destroyed in 1944 by a doodlebug. The bells were saved and recast into a 6 cwt six.

Initially, they were taught at the nearby village of Egerton, by September 19th 1956 the band was sufficiently competent to ring for the consecration of the church – a really special day. In May 1957, Elizabeth rang her first quarter peal. This was after a failed peal attempt so she could conceivably ring a peal within a year of starting ringing! Her first peal was in October 1957.

When starting physio training at The London Hospital, Elizabeth gave up ringing having clocked up a few quarter peals and 11 peals.

In 1980, Elizabeth found ringing again and has rung at St John’s New Alresford ever since. A peal total of 107, a quarter peal total of 800, tower total over 1300 towers from New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada. Elizabeth has been secretary of the Winchester District of the W&P for 7 years, chairman for 3 years, President of the Guild of Medical ringers for 3 years and is a member of the SRCY.

This entry was written in September 2022.

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