Deb Baker

Deb Baker

Winchester and Portsmouth ringer

Deb started ringing in 2001 when a visit to Crondall All Saint’s nativity service saw her introduced to a friend called Mike ‘who is also a bellringer here’. Intrigued and voicing an interest she got frogmarched up to the belfry and ringing chamber and started the following week.

Deb has always loved rolling up her sleeves and volunteering. Having done a few courses as a student on The Bradfield Ringing Course, she started helping and discovered a love of helping and teaching in sometimes unconventional ways. 

Enjoying ringing and breaking Guild lines with towers close by, Deb worked in the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild’s Executive committee promoting social media and supporting the mighty new website.

Later she became All Saint’s tower captain and because so many learners arrived, she decided to enrol with ART.

She is a stickler for technique and 2 children grew up to be cathedral ringers.

Seeing and supporting a shift towards modernisation withing the Central Council, Deb enrolled into the volunteer and leadership Committee. 

She has always enjoyed helping with social media coverage of ARTs AGM and CC weekends and enjoy creating querky social media content for the ringing community when asked.

After selfishly leaving the UK for 2 years in Cairo, she is back a year early and looking forward to a new challenge with The Ladies Guild.

As a shy and retiring person…. Deb seems to be known for her enthusiasm and love of all things bells, teaching, social media, and Cider

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