Bryn Reinstadler

Bryn Reinstadler

Co-developer of Ringing Room - Rings in Massachusetts

Bryn has been ringing for about 3 years, mostly in and around the Boston, MA area. She started ringing handbells on Monday nights with the local guild and never looked back! Her first quarter peal was a few months later and she was officially hooked. Since then, she’s rung dozens of quarter peals and over 20 peals, including several performances as conductor. Her favorite method is whichever one she’s working on at the moment.

Bryn Reinstadler and Leland Kusmer

She’s also taken an active interest in the community side of ringing, co-organizing the 2019 AGM for the North American Guild of Change Ringers, co-teaching a non-credit course for MIT students, and being a contributing member of a working group on Women in Ringing for the CCCBR. She is also a co-developer of the online ringing platform Ringing Room, a place for ringers to gather together during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. As an “adult learner” herself, she believes that change ringing is composed of learnable skills that can be taught to people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds, and that inclusion, diversity, and accessibility can only enrich our wonderful tradition.

This entry was written in January 2021.

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