Bruce Butler

Bruce Butler

North American ringer - was NAG President

Bruce started to ring in November 1963. He has been a member of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths for 50 years. He is a member of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and was very involved with the Ringing Remembers initiative for Armistice, finding teachers for many new recruits. He is currently the President of the North American Guild of Change Ringers and has held most offices in the Guild over the last 30 years including Education Officer, Public Relations Officer and Book Service agent.

Bruce has been tower captain and ringing master in Philadelphia where they are fortunate enough to have 2 towers. He is one of 2 recognised ART tutors for North America. He has organised bell ringing tours since 1991 for North American ringers to visit the UK, and other parts of the ringing world. He has rung in almost 4000 towers.

This entry was written in March 2019.

February 2022 update: We were sorry to hear of the recent passing of Bruce. I really enjoyed interviewing him and hearing about his enthusiasm for ringing. He will be very much missed by the bell ringing community.

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