Weird and wonderful towers (2 of 2)

Following on from last month’s edition, podcast host Cathy Booth reveals another dodgy dozen or so weird and wonderful towers.  WARNING – this podcast contains details of hair-raising ringing environments, definitely not for the nervous ringers amongst you! 

Enjoy another litany of trapdoors, spiral staircases, beam scrambling, comedy pulleys and 17th century ladders.

We now have a whole new list of things to watch out for – bizarre ringing circles, ropes arranged around the organist, and, erm, falling concrete!  And as lovely as weddings are, Cathy discovers these can be the source of much distraction. Please do be careful not to lasso a bridesmaid!

Lastly, and most importantly, always be EXTREMELY cautious if you accept an invitation to ring a quarter peal at a church whose bells are described as “rung from cage above chancel crossing”.

Featured towers in the September 2020 episode

St Mary Magdalene, Cottingham, Northamptonshire

Simon Head read to us about Cottingham

For more information see :

St George’s, Great Bromley

David Sparling reads to us about Great Bromley

For more information see

Pershore Abbey

Pershore Abbey where ringers ring from the square platform that you can see suspended in the top centre of this photo
Stuart Piper told us about Pershore Abbey

For more information see

St Peter, Great Livermere

Neil Dodge read to us about the tower at Great Livermere

For more information about this church see

Crowland Abbey

Alison Davies read to us about Crowland Abbey

For more information see:


Steve Johnson read a story recalled by Roy Le Marechal about a failed quarter peal attempt at Inverary.

St Wilfrid’s church, Hickleton, Derbyshire

St Wilfred’s church, Hickleton :,_Hickleton

Several London towers

Steve Johnson read a report from Steve Jakeman about towers he has come across in his role as Bell restoration officer for the Middlesex County association.

St. Michael And All Angels, Skelbrooke

Helen Nichols read to us about Hickleton and Shellbrooke

For more information see :

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