Take a deep breath

Take a few deep breaths, relax, and tune into this month’s episode where host Cathy Booth meets ringer and therapist Nicky Carling to talk about building up confidence for returning to the tower.
Yes, it’s probably time you changed out of your pyjamas, dragged yourself momentarily away from Ringing Room and ventured out to the exciting world of real-life bell ringing. … Take a deep breath

Spooky Stories from the Ringers’ Arms

Ringing can be spooky at the best of times – you may get shivers down your spine with a nicely struck touch of Stedman, or perhaps an eerie sensation of being watched when you’re on the treble.

However, for Halloween, Fun with Bells turns up the terror with this chilling collection of ghostly goings-on. Yes, this episode is even scarier than the ringing cage at Pershore Abbey. … Spooky Stories from the Ringers’ Arms