‘Listen to the bells’ quiz

Fingers on buzzers, or perhaps that should be “look to”, as host Cathy Booth resumes the role of quizmaster in this latest Fun with Bells podcast quiz.

This time the focus is on the bells themselves, so tune in, listen up and get set for a different sort of hearing test.

Everyone can play along, whatever their level, with straightforward questions for those new to ringing, alongside more obscure challenges for seasoned bell fans. … ‘Listen to the bells’ quiz

Love under Lockdown : Ringing Room creators

One of the very best things to have happened over the past year is the development of the online ringing platform, Ringing Room. In this special Valentine’s podcast, host Cathy Booth interviews Leland and Bryn, the driving force behind this amazing achievement and now one of ringing’s most famous couples. … Love under Lockdown : Ringing Room creators