Linda Garton

Linda Garton

President of the Bedfordshire Association in 2023

Linda Garton learnt to ring at Barton Seagrave, Northants in 1972. Early exposure to Multi-Spliced Doubles followed, since Barton Seagrave was at that time one of the UK’s leading 5 bell towers. Another member of the band, Derek Sibson, gave her wider opportunities to progress and she joined the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths in 1979. At university in London during the early 1980’s she rang with the ULSCR, this at a time when it was very strong. She has been an active member of the Society of Royal Cumberland Youths since her time in London, becoming Master in 1990-3 and secretary between 1998-2001.

Linda was a secondary school teacher for over 20 years and has carried over the skills and positive attributes developed to the benefit of ringing. She communicates, motivates others and is an excellent organiser. She combines her ability to ring at the highest level – she has rung about 2300 peals – with running towers and teaching at a more local level over the last 25 years. This includes a focus on youth – she was involved in Bedfordshire’s RWNYC run of wins 2013-2016 and was RWNYC contest organiser 2016-2018. She is Currently President of the Bedfordshire Association, introducing much needed change to an organisation that has seen little change since it was founded in 1882.

In addition to ringing, Linda has a love of travel, sometimes combined with ringing! With handbell peals in Antarctic and South America in 2022, she and husband John Loveless have now rung peals in every continent!

This entry was written in October 2023.

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