Spooky Stories from the Ringers’ Arms

For this episode we have provided a Transcript with photos

Ringing can be spooky at the best of times – you may get shivers down your spine with a nicely struck touch of Stedman, or perhaps an eerie sensation of being watched when you’re on the treble.

However, for Halloween, Fun with Bells turns up the terror with this chilling collection of ghostly goings-on. Yes, this episode is even scarier than the ringing cage at Pershore Abbey.

This petrifying podcast is full of ominous, deathly warnings and the mournful sound of drowned, lost or buried bells ringing without the help of human hands. We also discover that not only has the Devil got the best tunes, he has also stolen the best bells!

Scare yourself silly with stories of bells that ring by themselves or bells that don’t ring at all. If you’ve not heard your church bells for some time don’t blame coronavirus restrictions. It’s much more likely that pixies have kidnapped your ringers and are holding them captive in a cave. Pixies just hate the sound of the bells – bit like some newcomers to the village then.

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume and be afraid, be very afraid …


The ‘Ringers’ Arms’ image used for our Halloween special episode is a fake pub sign created by Maggie Willans.

Our violinist was Vaughan Jones from Manor House Music.

For all other credits – see the transcript

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