Navigating the News: Taking Bell Ringing to a Wider Audience
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Navigating the News: Taking Bell Ringing to a Wider Audience

This episode is jam packed with practical tips as host Cathy Booth, with the help of three engaging guests, explores how to get positive bell ringing stories into the media.

First off, ringers Matthew Butler and Kate Flavell talk Cathy through their experiences of making the news - either after being contacted by local radio, TV and the press, or trying to hit the headlines themselves.

Cathy then gets a very different perspective from interviewing journalist Andrew Napier, who very helpfully explains how things work from the other side.

So if your Facebook post goes viral, or you have a great news story to share, this podcast provides the perfect preparation for your interview, photograph or press release. If you do get the call, just go for it - see it as yet another opportunity to bust that myth that ringing involves monks being yanked up in the air!

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Think of the one key message you want to get across, and don’t be afraid to repeat it.
  • Practice explaining change ringing in a short and simple way that absolutely anyone can understand.
  • For TV, print and social media, think about the visuals and remember to try and feature a range of ringers from different demographics if possible.
  • If approached by the media always check what the story is and what they want from you. As a back up though, always be prepared to answer questions about noise complaints, just in case!
  • Don’t be disappointed if your story doesn’t get featured or you work hard to set up an interview but it is cancelled at last minute, the news agenda does move very fast.

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