Inside The Media Blitz: What Might Ringing be Like in 2030?
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Inside The Media Blitz: What Might Ringing be Like in 2030?

In this second episode focusing on engaging the media, host Cathy Booth looks at two sides of one ‘Ring for the King’ interview by talking to broadcast journalist Tim O’Callaghan and Simon Linford, President of the CCCBR.

Cathy learns that it’s hard to set the news agenda so if the media pick up on your story, you’ll need to act fast. And once a news outlet runs with your story, others may well follow so make the most of it!

For the CCBR, the recent media blitz is part of a much wider strategy focused on the future of ringing and attracting ‘good’ bell ringers - that stick at it, enjoy it, and add value to their towers. So, ditch the cold, dirty ringing chambers, grumpy old men and unrealistic expectations and begin the adventure of a lifetime of discovery …

Top 5 Takeaways

  • Want to recruit some new ringers for your tower? Think carefully about the different communications channels you could use and who they will reach
  • Be creative with targeting your messages. Struggling to reach young people? Try engaging with parents
  • Be upfront about the commitment needed and time it can take to learn to ring
  • Preparing for a media interview – think about the top ten questions they may ask you and write down some answers so that you have these to hand
  • For more tips on dealing with the media check out the CCCBR website

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